It's Been A Phat Minute Since I Distrohopped

I've been using the GNOME edition of Solus on the same installation for over 2 months now.

When I started using linux in January or February of 2016, I hopped around quite a bit between different distributions. The sheer volume of options available all over the Internet gave me a lot to experiment with in the form of different user experiences created by different teams of people. The novelty of that was exciting as I was still figuring out quite what I want for my workflow.

There's a thrill to the variety that the linux world has to offer, but at a certain point, I kind of grew out of it. It became apparent to me a few months ago that I need my linux workflow to include the most up-to-date software whilst still being stable. Ubuntu-based distros are stable, but some of the software is a bit antiquated for my tastes. Arch-based distros are super bleeding-edge, but I ran into some stability issues towards the end of my most recent arch install.

Ubuntu and Arch are both excellent operating systems for different use-cases, as are the likes of openSUSE, Fedora, and even dare I say Gentoo. And I think it's healthy for everyone to give different distributions a try. Hopping around is how you develop your personal tastes, and perhaps eventually find an operating system to “settle down with”, so to speak.

Solus is cool; you should check it out. ;P